LES will review a client’s strategy, which may be to address future growth or capacity constraints and work with them to identify and develop appropriate solutions to fit the business needs.

With the client, LES will work through how the strategy and solutions will be implemented within their business. We are experienced in working with both new and existing sites, so are very aware of the need to maintain ongoing operations through these changes. Our engineers act as the primary contact on behalf of a number of clients who are continually working on warehouse improvement and development projects.

Our experience ranges from;

  • Retro engineering and improvement projects
  • Mechanical & Electrical consultation and services
    • Fire services
    • Power and data
    • Air/pneumatics
    • Means of escape
    • Lighting
  • Efficiency mapping
  • Recycling strategy
    •  Balers/shredders
    • Compactors
  • Lean development and process improvement
    • Packing solutions – auto boxers/ auto baggers
    • Workstation optimisation
  • Innovations/emerging technologies Robotics
    • AGV’s
    • Autonomous vehicles